Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Arrg! For some reason I've not been able to sign in to my blog for a long time. It seems that they've 'updated' again and that always seems to have issues. I finally got in today. Whew! So far, I do like the new format though. Creating and editing the posts is much easier now.

A couple weeks ago I had the day from hell! My old computer, where I store all of my patterns and such, crashed. I'm in the process of trying to figure that mess out. Thankfully, I have some of them backed up on old disks. One of these days I hope to update my old class handouts and maybe put them up for sale. Because I get so many requests for them, I've also been thinking about making individual patterns out of the projects in my Dimensional Flowers, Leaves & Vines book since it's out of print and I don't plan to reprint it.

In the mean time, I've just been experimenting and playing with tecnhique. I seldom finish a whole project because I'm having so much fun just experimenting. LOL Once I do something new I play with the technique for a while but then I get bored and put it aside and go back to experimenting.

I always say I'm like a 'mad scientist beader'.  Like Dr. Frankenstein in the vintage movies with his hair standing on end, crazed look in his eye laughing in his demented, mwahaha! mwahaha! mwahaha! way at the sheer joy of creating. I can hear him now screaming ecstatically, "It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!"  

One of these days I'll have to actually finish a project! Now wouldn't that be something! ROFL Actually, I am working on and idea that is, like ol' Doc Franky's Creation, put together in bits and pieces, but that's a story for a different post at a different time. (Ohhh I'm sooooooo baaaaad!)

In the mean time, I'm off to do some more experimenting. mwahaha! mwahaha! Mwahaha!... It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!!!!!!! 


Lily said...

Hello Barb, Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts here. I also love the new format of Google despite I spent some time to discover how to reach to the "Edit html" there. lol.
I love your description of yourself lol when you are doing your bead. Can I add "sweet " to your "Frankenstein " to be "sweet Frankenstein "?? lololllol

Lynda White said...

You seem to be a girl after my own heart. Learning and experimenting are my claim to fame. My family get so exaspirated by my many ongoing projects. I keep trying to explain that the project isn't the objective, the learning of something new floats my boat. ahhha!

Anonymous said...

hi, I saw the link to your blog on the email you sent this morning (about needle tatting the awareness ribbon) and wanted to say thanks for the help and see what you were up to. I actually realized what I was doing wrong in the middle of the night LOL Funny how that happens.

Anyway, I really like your blog. I've been wanting to learn beading like this but I have to wait for now and get better at tatting. It drives my husband crazy when I have too many hobbies going at once. He says I need to focus. Anyway, I'll be saving your blog to keep up with your creative spurts. I loved reading your Frankenstein story LOL

Anonymous said...

I empathize with you and the technical problems. Last year, bugs knocked holes through my firewall and two security programs, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to save it. There's nothing scarier than the possibility of losing data, especially when you find out there's a glitch with your back-up storage device.

I have some suggestions that may make your computer problems seem less daunting.

If you can, update and run your antivirus program to clear any bugs. After the bug goes bye-bye, you'll want to run a system restore (should be accessible from the control panel or just type system restore in the file search box). You'll want to restore from a pre-crash restore date.

I've been able to keep my laptop running and haven't lost any data, thank goodness, though I did have to start my laptop in safe mode one time. Any document files saved after the restore date should be present as long as the doc file(s) weren't corrupted.