Saturday, September 14, 2013

Diagonal Leaf Cuff Update

Wow. As a blogger I'm not so good. LOL Life gets in the way and blogging takes a back seat. 

My "Diagonal Leaf Cuff" project was published in Beadwork Magazine, February - March Issue, 2013.  Here's a link to the magazine site.

We were in the middle of my husband's health crisis when the magazine came out so I wasn't able to promote it as much as I normally would. We almost lost him but he is doing well now. Thank God!

I do have more diagonal leaf projects in my 'ideas book' that I scribble in, but they will have to wait for a while. Once life settles down (yea right! LOL) I hope to get back to designing and enjoying my beads again. 


Barbara Gordon said...

I know what you mean about keeping up with 'Blogs'! Now, what is a diagonal leaf cuff?
It's to late at night for me to do much searching, and I don't know when you might see this next either. Yup, you are quite behind! I just remembered that I have some I haven't even gone to in a long time either, but they are OK to leave idol. Hard to explain.

Carol Bell said...

Hi Barb-
Is this pattern available somewhere? I just came across the bracelet on Pinterest and love it, but obviously the 2013 edition of the magazine isn't available. Please let me know if you're selling it again or if you know where I can find it.
thank you!