Monday, October 10, 2011


Pardon my 'shouting' in the subject line. But I'm excited. Finally! It's here! After months of writing, drawing, testing, redrawing, retesting and working through every detail with my testers, my Diagonal Leaf Cuff is finally ready to be released! What a journey this has been!

I'm so excited to finally be able to introduce you to my Diagonal Leaf Technique. Inspired by macrame`'s diagonal double half hitch leaf technique, I developed my Diagonal Leaf beading technique in 2007. I love how the technique creates the form of leaves connecting at 45 degree angles with a more subtle, secondary diamond element between them.

Way back in 2007 I was looking through our photo albums and found a few very old, fuzzy, pictures of some of the macrame` designs I'd created way back in the 1960's through the 1980's. One of my designs was a huge wall hanging in which I'd used the diagonal double half hitch leaf macrame` technique. I 'see' everything in beads and as I studied the picture I realized that each half hitch could represent a bead. And that's how my Diagonal Leaf Technique was born.

Here's a picture of the part of my old macrame` wall hanging that inspired this new beading technique. Please excuse how old and fuzzy it is.

So this old macrame` technique - after some experimenting way back in 2007 went from double half hitch knots to beads. And this is the result. :)

I've shown the Diagonal Leaf Technique to few people and taught it to a few others. I've really enojoyed working on the tutorial getting it ready to share with beaders. My testers have been real troopers working hard, giving me feedback and encouraging me to get it done.  And the owners of StitchBoard have held my hand through the whole process as well. 

You can find these beautiful colors at Cindy's Crafts,
The color numbers are: 462D & 469. Cindy has also held my hand through this whole tutorial. She and the others encouraged me to keep going when I thought I'd never get it done.  Well, it's done.

So, drum rolll please!!!

You can access my Diagonal Leaf Cuff tutorial on Stitchboard, the same site that also sells my Pinecone Delight tutorial.  

Here's a link to the site. Be sure to look around while you are there:

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy!

P.S. Just in case you'd like to see the whole macrame` wall hanging, here's the fuzzy old picture. The jute cords were 17 feet long when I started the project! What Was I thinking? LOL

Enjoy! Barb


Lily said...

OOOOHHHH My God!!! What a wonderful beadwork. Very talented you Barb. I love the color tooooo much. Treasure Treasure Treasure.

Barb said...

Thank you so much Lily! I'm glad you like the cuff. Yes, the colors are beautiful. I love it when they catch the light and sparkle like they do.

Life @ a whisper said...

Yea...beautiful job...gonna go look at the pattern now...

Ralonda said...

As I read thru your post, I totaly understood what you meant with the testors hand holding and even the shouting in the subject. Creating a tutorial such as this is not as easy as one might think. Great beaders do not always make great instructions. Congratulations on a stunning design and a successful trip to making a tutorial out of it. It is hard work!