Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Computer Crashes And Old Patterns

Arrg! Almost all of my older patterns and class workshops are on my old computer. It just limps along and sometimes it quits for no reason. Sometimes I can revive it and sometimes it's just plain stubborn. It's like an old mule that just decides it isn't going to take another step.  LOL

I was really freaking out tonight when "The Ol' Gal" (the computer - not me) just up and quit. She's really tempermental and does that from time to time. Most of the time I can get it started after several attempts but sometimes it just won't work so daughter and her hubby come over and fix it for me. 

I was sweating bullets tonight when it quit because I have some very special projects in that old computer that I've only shown to two or three people - even though I made them years ago. I've been thinking about those particular projects lately and decided to review and/or revise the tutorials I wrote for them. I might put them in a book or sell them as individual projects some day but I haven't made that decision yet. 

Just as I was searching through the projects the computer crashed. Arrg! I thought I had the files backed up but when I went looking I couldn't find them anywhere. Yikes! Now I started to panic. I'd gone from sweating to praying. I learned a long time ago not to bargan with God so I just kept praying and turning the computer on again every time it shut down. Finally I got it up and running. I saved a few files to my flash drive, then the screen went black again and the computer made that horrible, heavy sigh and then went silent. Arrg and double arrg!

I grabbed the canned air and blew out the hard drive.. cough, cough..gag.. yuck. It looked like a giant sand storm coming out of that black hole. Then, just as the air started to clear, I ran out of canned air. It's the middle of the night and the only store open is several miles away. Rats! So I took a deep breath and pushed the start button. Those few seconds seemed like an eternity and then the screen flickered, I saw some words and finally the full screen.  The 'Ol' Gal' is working again. How long will she work? Only God knows and He ain't sayin'!

She's  run long enough for me to save the main files I was worried about to my flash drive. Wahoo!  Barb doing happy dog dance here! There are still a few files on the old computer that I need to transfer, but they aren't as important as the ones I was fretting over. Moral of the story! Back up those precious files. Oh, I also printed them out so I have a visual just in case the back up fails too. LOL 

Well, that's been my night. I didn't get any beading done but I did preserve my tutorials. Now that's worth losing a bit of sleep for. :) 

Enjoy and bead something beautiful today! 


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Gypsy said...

OK- disaster averted!!
Tell me you don't keep your tower on the floor????? LOL! Worst thing for them..or is that just from not doing House w**k?? (Like Cindy's gr**n- a dirty word!)