Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working A Brick Stitch Base Row (Ladder Stitch) Using Only Long Magatamas

The Brick Stitch base row using only Long Magatama beads is worked exactly like any other brick stitch base row; but since the Long Magatamas are directional it's a challenge to get them facing in the correct forward and upright position.

Because of the nature of Brick Stitch, the needle alternately enters from either the top or the bottom of a bead as you work through the base row. For the base row only, you have to pick up the 1st and all odd numbered beads from the bottom. The 2nd and all even numbered LM beads are picked up from the top of the bead.

1. When working a brick stitch base row using only Long Magatama (LM) beads, pick up the 1st Long Magatama (LM) bead from the bottom, and the 2nd LM bead from the top. Pull them down together to about six inches from the tail end of the thread.  Next, pass your needle back UP through the bottom of the 1st bead and then DOWN through the top of the 2nd bead. Make sure the beads are facing towards you as you hold the beadwork in your non-working hand. (see previous post for bead direction).

These beads like to twist around so you may have to manipulate them until they are facing you. Your thread should be coming out of the bottom of the 2nd bead and the "horse hooves" should be pointing towards you. If they are twisted, loosen the thread a little and turn them around. The holes in these beads are quite large so you may want to tie a knot at this point, or pass through the two beads a second time. I use doubled One-G thread but you may want to try a size D thread instead.

2. Next, pick up the 3rd LM bead from the bottom. Pass your needle DOWN through the 2nd LM bead and then back UP through the 3rd bead again. The new LM bead magically turns right side up as you tighten the thread.

3. Pick up the 4th LM bead from the TOP side by passing the needle DOWN through the top of the bead (as shown in my previous post). Next, pass your needle UP through the 3rd LM and then back DOWN through the 4th bead again.

4. Pick up the 5th Long Magatama bead from the BOTTOM side. Then pass your needle DOWN through the 4th bead and back UP through the 5th bead again.  Continue making your base row until you reach the desired length.

Hint:  How to keep track of where you are.

If your thread is exiting the the bottom of the bead you just added, pick up the next bead from the bottom. If your thread is exiting the top of the bead you just added, pick up the next bead from the top.

Enjoy! Barb

P.S.  For more Long Magatama fun please visit Judith Bertoglio-Giffin's bead crochet site at Bead Line Studios. She's taken it one step further by bead crocheting these beautiful beads into her own designs. :) 


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