Monday, September 14, 2009

Winter Willow Tree

I'm having problems with my browser so I hope this works.

Several people have expressed interest in seeing the white tree that I beaded several years ago titled, "Willow Winter" so I decided to put a picture of it up here on the blog.

The tree trunk and main branches are worked in peyote stitch over an armature I fashioned out of wire. I used a variety of seed beads including size 11s, 15s, and delicas along with various other beads for embellishment. The willow branches are worked in a simple leafy vine technique and then hung off of the larger branches.

The island was created using moss stitch worked on white velvet with mostly white-lined, crystal clear seed beads and embellished with various other beads.


Gypsy said...

This just amazes me, Barb!Sticking with such a long term project is always an inspiration...but having it turn out so lovely and perfect, well, all I can say is 'thank you', for sharing and inspiring!

Lynn said...

Barb, your tree is absolutely gorgeous. Such talent.